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Dr. Robert Daley is a former Director of Psychological Services for the New York City Police Department and a forensic psychologist with over thirty years experience in working with law enforcement and public safety personnel. For 25 years, Dr. Daley has been successfully assisting candidates in appealing disqualifications for all the major New York metropolitan area law enforcement agencies.

Appeal your disqualification

A psychological disqualification will follow you.  It is a red flag that other law enforcement agencies will be reluctant to ignore.  

Every major law enforcement and public safety agency in the country performs a pre-appointment psychological screening of prospective officers.  Police officer candidates, correction officer candidates, candidates for firefighter positions, prospective deputy sheriffs and traffic enforcement officers, as well as peace officers employed by some private or semi-public security firms, are all subjected to a minimum of a battery of psychological tests, usually followed by examination by a psychologist.  While there is usually an effort on the part of the agencies concerned to be thorough, fair, and reasonable in their evaluations, the simple fact is that many candidates are psychologically disqualified for no valid reason.  Worse yet, this disqualification will follow the candidate as he applies for law enforcement positions in other jurisdictions. 

You can fight back. 

In most instances the law enforcement agency concerned provides the opportunity to appeal the negative conclusions reached by their psychologists.  If you have been or believe you are about to be psychologically disqualified for a law enforcement or public safety position, we may be able to help.  Contact me for a free consultation.  It costs nothing for you to sit down with me for a preliminary consultation and for us to obtain your records from the agency involved.  

Dr. Robert Daley has directed the pre-appointment psychological screening of thousands of New York City Police Officers and developed the first psychological screening program for New York City Fire Department Firefighter recruits and for the promotion of firefighters to the position of armed Fire Marshals.  Dr. Daley was the consultant to the New York State Office of Court Administration in the development of their psychological screening process for prospective New York State Court Officers.  He continues to serve as the principal psychological consultant to two large private security forces.  For over twenty years Dr. Daley has provided psychological screening for detective investigators employed by the District Attorneys of four of the five counties comprising New York City, and provided fitness-for-duty evaluations for these agencies.  He has testified in federal, state, and local courts and tribunals on a variety of law enforcement and public safety issues.  Dr. Daley has also lectured at the FBI Academy and addressed the International Association of Chiefs of Police on police and law enforcement issues.  He has also been interviewed by representatives of the mass media on these and other topics.  Dr. Daley has assisted over 2500 candidates in the appeal of an unwarranted psychological disqualifications.